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The Ultimate Sandwich Collection + Building Better Sandwiches Bundle

The Ultimate Sandwich Collection + Building Better Sandwiches Bundle

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BEST DEAL: Ultimate Sandwich Collection + Building Better Sandwiches Bundle

40% OFF END OF FINANCIAL YEAR bundle includes 

Dan's 5 best selling sandwich ebooks!

  • Discover a range of sandwich recipes, from classic favourites to innovative creations.
  • Dive into five unique books all compiled into one digital download for a discounted price.
  • Step-by-step recipes, featuring a fusion of flavours, innovative techniques, and secret ingredients that Dan has perfected over years of experimentation.
  • Grab this bundle today & receive 85 exclusive recipes that you won't find anywhere else. 


Building Better Sandwiches with Dan Roberts- An Interactive Guide For Crafting Delicious Sandwiches

This online guide will teach you everything you need to level up your sandwich game and learn new skills in the kitchen.

What You'll Learn/Receive:

Understand how Dan crafts the perfect sandwiches, dive deep into the fundamentals of sandwich construction, including bread selection, condiment creation, flavourful toppings and many more of Dan's essential techniques and tips that you can learn for your own creations..

New skills within your cooking from Chef Dan's wealth of experience and expertise as he shares his passion for sandwiches and the art of cooking.  With Dan by your side, you'll start a journey that inspires and educates you to become a better cook.

Receive step-by-step video tutorials, recipe cards and so much more. This guide is broken down into modules and sub lessons to help you easily navigate.

Gain access to Dan's private community (The Sandwich Hub) where you can connect with fellow sandwich enthusiasts, ask questions, share your sandwich creations.

This guide is completely self directed so you can power through or take your time.

Note: For the interactive guide, after purchase it will ask you to create a password to access your portal. For the ebooks, you'll be able to download your copy immediately after purchase from the link provided in your order confirmation email. Save the ebooks to your device for quick and easy access.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kashif Souri

Very tasty and easy to make

Lloyd Parker

The Ultimate Sandwich Collection + Building Better Sandwiches Bundle

Christina Panagiotaropoulos

The Ultimate Sandwich Collection + Building Better Sandwiches Bundle

Happy with purchase

Great value for money, love all of Dan's recipes. The building better sandwich guide is helpful also.


Very helpful with my purchase