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Dans Food For Thought

Stacked - Second Edition

Stacked - Second Edition

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Looking for more mouth-watering sandwich recipes? Dan's got you covered with his release of his second digital sandwich cookbook- Stacked by Dan's Food for Thought.

After the success of "Between the Bread," Dan knew he had to deliver something even better for his fans.

Stacked offers 17 NEW gourmet sandwich recipes that are easy to follow and bursting with flavour, perfect for sandwich lovers.

From the juicy and savory French dip sandwich to the satisfying and delicious chicken BLT, and not to forget Dan's special Cuban sandwich, Stacked has something for every taste and preference. Each sandwich has been carefully crafted to be mouthwatering and perfect for any occasion, from a quick lunch to a satisfying dinner.

Dan understands that making a sandwich is more than just throwing some ingredients together. It's about crafting a delicious and satisfying meal that tantalizes your taste buds. That's why Dan has carefully curated Stacked, his latest digital recipe book that features 17 gourmet sandwich recipes.

Whether you're an experienced chef or a novice cook, Stacked provides step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. We've also included stunning photography to help guide you through each recipe and inspire you to create beautiful and mouthwatering sandwiches that are perfect for any occasion.

Dans recipes are designed to make cooking stress-free and enjoyable. We believe that anyone can make a great sandwich, and Dans cookbook is a testament to that. With Stacked, you can explore a variety of delicious sandwiches that will take your meal game to the next level.

Don't settle for mediocre sandwiches any longer. Purchase Stacked and start creating delicious, gourmet sandwiches that are sure to impress!

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Zowie Hunter

Stacked - Second Edition


never came, don’t buy

Hey there Patrick, I've just checked my end and it shows that the book was sent out to the email provided which was your name @ gmail. com - I've just resent the downloadable link again. Please let me know if youre still having difficulties in locating your book. You can contact me directly at dbnsfoodforthought @ gmail. comThanks for your support, Dan.



Thank you! Enjoy


We made the chicken BLT sandwich… full of flavor, loved the contrast between smoky and savory with the crispy onions and garlic! We also threw some avocado on there and it was a great addition! Can’t wait to try more recipes!


Doesn’t download

Please email me so I can help resolve your technical issue.